Every company needs that little boost ahead of the competition, and a carefully devised Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy could be the answer.

SEO is a way of improving your website so it appears higher in Google’s search results. Seeing as the vast majority of searches are carried out through Google, most SEO agencies focus in on this, although other search tools are often considered.

The SEO team will carefully devise a strategy that increases your search visibility where it matters and keep you up to date with the latest Google changes. SEO packages vary, but often focus on four aspects to ensure they are steering your site in the right direction:

SEO audits

Looking into every aspect of your site from code to content, including site speed, broken link checks, evaluation of meta tags and more. Whatever’s holding your site back, you can find it and make improvements through SEO.


Through extensive research of your site and its competitors, you can build up a detailed portfolio of keywords, ensuring your site is being seen by the right people. This also means that when you can say you’ve reached page one for a certain phrase, you can be sure it’s relevant and that people are actively searching for it.


More relevant, high profile links pointing to your site means higher search engine rankings. You can research your competitors, industry websites, directories, blogs and many more sites to find you the right opportunities to earn links.


Content is SO important! If your visitors aren’t satisfied when they arrive on the site, there’s a good chance they’ll go somewhere else. Whether its videos, images or articles, content that pleases is going to work wonders for your SEO.  It also allows you to get found for a wider range of keywords and keeps the site fresh.

You’ll never be wondering if your SEO investment has paid off, either. It’s useful to get monthly reports showing you exactly what has been happening on your website, plus all the data you need to gauge performance.