Four Easy Ways to Optimise Your Site

Getting your site seen on Google is a tricky task, but there are some things you can do to optimise your site effectively.

Take Advantage of Google

Use keywords – Google has a range of keyword tools to help you uncover the best keywords for you to use.  It is worth having a play around with the tools available through Google!  It is also quite a good idea to look at the Google trends to see how searches within a subject vary over time.  Adding yourself as a Google+ member can have good benefits too, as Google often rewards businesses who are registered.

Create Good Content

Having high quality content will always matter in SEO.  It is important that your content is free from errors, looks modern and does not mislead your audience.  It is really important that your text is not copied from another site, as it could be penalised for being a duplication!

Code Basics

It is important that you have a good domain name for your site.  Keywords within the domain name can boost traffic a little.  Descriptions are useful too as they help Google and your readers understand what the pages are about.

Making Connections

Having high quality backlinks is far more important that having lots of poor quality backlinks.  Google very much favours sites which only have a few high quality links compared to those with millions of poor links.