Finding the Most Searched for Keywords on Google

Keywords are used in online and digital marketing to set up PPC (pay per click) ads, create meta descriptions and improve a sites’ search engine optimisation.  Finding the most popular keywords can be a useful tool in increasing the efficiency of your campaign.  Here are some ways to find the most searched for terms.

  1. Use Google’s autocomplete function: here you simply begin typing into the search bar, and Google will try to predict how you might finish your phrase, based on what others have searched for.  This is a very simple and basic way to perform your search, but will give you some insights into other people’s search patterns.
  2. Use Google Trends: navigating to /trending on Google will give you some ideas into popular search terms, either as “hot searches” or “explore trends”.  You will need to sign into your Google account to use this feature, and it can provide useful information about what people are currently searching for worldwide.  If you are able to use any relevant keywords within your content it is likely to boost that page.
  3. Online suggestion tools: there are a range of online tools which can help suggest keywords which might be popular.  A simple online search should bring up lots of companies who offer this service for free!