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Running a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is the process where a business owner, such as yourself, uses the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to promote your brand or products. Because traffic from social media sites is usually highly targeted, the visitors are more likely to turn into customers and buyers than visitors who find your site via a search engine query. Another important benefit of traffic from social media is that it is essentially free or relatively low cost compared to other forms of traffic generation.

However, social media marketing is a time consuming and very involved effort that is not appropriate for everyone. This form of marketing requires a good deal of involvement, both in terms of keeping up with all the latest trends and in maintaining ongoing relationships with customers and fans. Social media invites a two-way conversation between the poster of the information and the reader. If the business owner ignores the second part of the equation, then the marketing effort is most likely doomed to fail. In order to execute a successful social media marketing campaign, the business owner should review this list of traits that define a successful campaign.


Avoiding Issues Relating to the Penguin Algorithm

Google’s penguin was introduced in 2012 and put a high emphasis on the quality of backlinks, reducing spam for links and keywords.  Things which should be avoided are those blackhat SEO techniques such as:

  • buying backlinks
  • exchanging links
  • building up unnatual links
  • guest posts on unrelated blogs
  • keyword stuffing
  • over-optimisation of keyword anchor text

If you are a company who was hit by the penguin update, it is important that you focus on getting rid of spammy or low quality backlinks (this can be done manually or using the Google disavow tool).  You should try earning high quality backlinks through generating good content which is worthy of sharing.  Try to place your keywords naturally, and read through any text you are writing which has links involved, as it is important that it reads as you would expect in English grammar without too many repetitions of keywords.

Landing a Marketing Job WITHOUT a Marketing Degree

Marketing is one of those careers which offers a multi-faceted pathway which continues to grow and grow, thanks to the rise of online and social media marketing.  Careers in marketing can be anything from advertising, media plannig and sales related, through to strategy and PR.  Without a marketing degree, you could still stand a chance to get into this interesting career.

Make the most of your experience: before you attempt to get a job in marketing, research what marketing actually means to check you would be a good fit.  There are some skills and qualities which would be beneficial within marketing:

  • Creative thinking – looking at problems in different ways
  • Communication skills – being a strong writer who can clearly convey your thoughts
  • Organise and interpret data
  • Spot problems and find ways to solve them
  • Research skills – understand issues from several angles

Thinking about the qualifications you already have, looks and see if anything jumps out as showing your abilities in any of the above areas.  Marketing requires a wide range of skills so if you can demonstrate you have these skills, you should be able to get into this career.  Having knowledge of a foreign language is often desirable to marketing companies as they like to expand into non-English speaking markets.

Finding the Most Searched for Keywords on Google

Keywords are used in online and digital marketing to set up PPC (pay per click) ads, create meta descriptions and improve a sites’ search engine optimisation.  Finding the most popular keywords can be a useful tool in increasing the efficiency of your campaign.  Here are some ways to find the most searched for terms.

  1. Use Google’s autocomplete function: here you simply begin typing into the search bar, and Google will try to predict how you might finish your phrase, based on what others have searched for.  This is a very simple and basic way to perform your search, but will give you some insights into other people’s search patterns.
  2. Use Google Trends: navigating to /trending on Google will give you some ideas into popular search terms, either as “hot searches” or “explore trends”.  You will need to sign into your Google account to use this feature, and it can provide useful information about what people are currently searching for worldwide.  If you are able to use any relevant keywords within your content it is likely to boost that page.
  3. Online suggestion tools: there are a range of online tools which can help suggest keywords which might be popular.  A simple online search should bring up lots of companies who offer this service for free!

Finding a Good Web Designer

Everyone wants a nice, professional looking website, and by hiring a really good web designer, you could get a great site which functions perfectly for you!

Begin searching online for local web design companies. You could expand your search to country wide if you aren’t fussed about them being nearby!  Take a look at a few of the companies which pop up in your search and read about them.  If you find yourself attracted to any particular sites, this is a good sign – you probably like their web design style!

Read up on any package information, if the company supplies web design packages.  Some companies offer more than others as part of their web design services.  Some might include SEO, others may not.  It is worth comparing what different companies offer!

Be cautious of any designers who offer “per page” design.  They should be expected to quote for a whole site, rather than a fee per page.  This can work out very expensive in the long run.

Check up on who would own the intellectual property of this site – you should be given ownership of your site so you can update/modify it without having to trace the original designer every time you wish to add something!

Four Easy Ways to Optimise Your Site

Getting your site seen on Google is a tricky task, but there are some things you can do to optimise your site effectively.

Take Advantage of Google

Use keywords – Google has a range of keyword tools to help you uncover the best keywords for you to use.  It is worth having a play around with the tools available through Google!  It is also quite a good idea to look at the Google trends to see how searches within a subject vary over time.  Adding yourself as a Google+ member can have good benefits too, as Google often rewards businesses who are registered.

Create Good Content

Having high quality content will always matter in SEO.  It is important that your content is free from errors, looks modern and does not mislead your audience.  It is really important that your text is not copied from another site, as it could be penalised for being a duplication!

Code Basics

It is important that you have a good domain name for your site.  Keywords within the domain name can boost traffic a little.  Descriptions are useful too as they help Google and your readers understand what the pages are about.

Making Connections

Having high quality backlinks is far more important that having lots of poor quality backlinks.  Google very much favours sites which only have a few high quality links compared to those with millions of poor links.

Developing a Good Internet Marketing Strategy

Online businesses also require marketing strategies, and a decent internet marketing strategy could increase sales enormously for your business!  Internet markeitng requires an understanding of social media, SEO, blogs, email lists, affiliate marketing and more.  Here are some ideas for creating a winning strategy.

Firstly, you should research your competitors.  Take a look at their website and identify their sales process inluding any marketing strategies they use.  Try to see what they did previously and what they currently do, so you know what works in your market place.

Think about your consumer, and your dieal consumer.  Who is your target demographic?  It is important to have a clear idea of who you are targeting your marketing campaign(s) at in order to make sure you get the best results.

Build up your brand name and image before you try communicating with your target audience.  Youi will need to have a recognisible name, trademark, website, logo etc.  Create social media accounts in the business name and launch interesting material every day.  It is important to update regularly to attract more readers!

How to Learn About Digital Marketing

Digital and internet marketing is a necessary aspect of many business mondels. If you do not directly sell things online, you still want to encourage people to come visit your website to get more information about your brand and services.  Wherher you are a business owner, or you are looking to make marketing a career for you, it is important that you learn all the skills for internet marketing.

To get started, it is worth browsing the web.  If you need some help, try your local library or another person who knows a lot about the internet to help you.  Sign up for a few social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  These are the main places digital marketing works.

You could do an online search for courses in digital marketing, as lots of colleges and universities offer diplomas and qualifications in internet marketing or digital marketing.  These will give you a comprehensive background in marketing online.

Learning to Be a Professional Web Designer

Web designers and developers are often highly sought after, and their career is often very well paid!  It is not that easy to become a web designer or developer though; there are lots of skills and knowledge to be gained beforehand.  Here are some of the steps involved in becoming a designer.

One of the first things you can do to begin learning web design is take a look at a broad range of sites and make a note of how they are laid out, what sort of effects are used and how menus are laid out.  This research will help you to create your own ideas later.

Having the right tools at your disposal is important – a good way to learn about graphics on websites is through using programmes like Adobe Illustrator.  Many web designers sketch out their ideas using vector graphics programmes such as this!

There are a range of skills you would need to become a web designer, including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Bootstrap

There are a whole range of websites which offer online learning in these skills, so you can learn them at your own pace and in your own time.

Looking to become a web designer? Perhaps you would be interested in seeing what life is like as a web designer or programmer? The best advice we have for you is to visit your local web designer and see if you can watch a few days of their work.  These local web design Pontefract offices can be of help for those in the North of England!#

For other web design companies, the chance to offer SEO services can be a great way to build their businesses.  SEO Moves Ltd offer an amazingly easy to work white label SEO service, meaning that other agencies can now offer exceptional SEO services to their web clients. White label allows you to market new services without needing to understand or know much about how to implement them.